Presépio is Portuguese for "Nativity Scene". Follow along as we build this year's version of a long family tradition. Mai e Pai (Mom & Dad, in Portuguese) started this tradition with just a few figurines bought in a Paris airport, to hundreds of pieces lovingly collected or hand-crafted over the decades and across two continents.

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06 January, 2010

Epiphany has arrived - along with the Farol Sta Marta

The wise men are slightly delayed...
Watch the video to see why!
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Farol Sta Marta, and the story of Epiphany

Well, we did NOT get a visit from the wise men today, but we DID get presents!
First, a quick note about what Epiphany is all about. The wise men, hearing about the birth of Christ, set forth, gifts in hand, to go see the newborn king... It took them a while to get there - 12 days, in fact - which is Jan 6!
This is why we sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas". In fact, some people around the world wait to exchange gifts till the day that baby Jesus got his!

Now, to find out why the wise men didn't make it, you must watch the video in the previous entry.

However, some very wise friends DID come to visit today, and here is what they brought!

This is an amazing, handmade replica of the Farol Sta. Marta, in Cascais, Portugal.
Don the GnomeMeister had been secretly at work, with the clandestine support of Joao & Phil, and perhaps others too.
Phil must now quickly work to electrify it.  Then perhaps the magi can finally find their way over the seas to the village!

Os meus parentes Portugueses devem conhecer este farol...muitos de voçes morem mesme ao lado!

And in case you wonder where the inspiration came is the real thing...

And here, the light is now working!!   Our resident electrician was  inspired - or maybe it was divine intervention?

04 January, 2010

Christmas Village tours now available...

Well, I don't think any videographers need tremble in their sneakers based on my first attempt at video production.  Tell me what you think! (Click that big triangle below)